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Mitsubishi SRK/SRC35ZSA-W 3.5/4.3kW Wall Split (Avanti)

Mitsubishi SRK/SRC35ZSA-W 3.5/4.3kW Wall Split (Avanti)

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Elevate your comfort with the 3.5kW Avanti Split System – the perfect balance of style and functionality for small to medium spaces. Experience modern design fused with advanced features from the renowned Avanti series. This system ensures optimal heating and cooling, making it ideal for spaces like double bedrooms, cozy living rooms, or intimate sitting areas.

🌬️ Effortless Airflow: Enjoy effective and uniform air distribution with 3D Auto airflow technology.

🌬️ Breath of Freshness: Breathe freely with our Allergen Clear system, which delivers odor-free and allergen-free air for a healthier indoor environment.

⏲️ Tailored Control: Take charge of your comfort with a wide array of timer and scheduling functions, ensuring the perfect ambiance whenever you need it.

📱 Seamless Connectivity: Embrace convenience through optional Wi-Fi control enabled by the Wi-Fi adaptor. Adjust your system remotely to create the ideal environment even before you step in.

Discover the next level of comfort and style with the 3.5kW Avanti Split System. Elevate your space today!

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